sabato 29 maggio 2010

ONLYONESONG:Rowland S. Howard - Dead Radio

Quando si dice 'SFERRAGLIARE'.

"Dead Radio"

March 17, 2006
Cherry Bar
Melbourne, Australia

You're bad for me
Like Cigarettes.
But I haven't sucked
Enough of you yet.
Nothing is sacred,
And nothing is true,
I'm no-one that's nowhere,
When I'm here with you.
I've lost the power I had to distinguish
Between what to ignite and what to extinguish.
I blew in last night,
I'm the ghost from the coast.
When the lighting is bad,
I'm the man with the most.
You left me to choke,
On a heart up in smoke,
Smiling through your tears,
And your tetracycline overdose.
You're good for me
Like coca-cola.
I don't get any younger,
You don't get any older.
Everything's sacred,
And everything's true,
All this is possible,
When I'm here with you.
I've got a lot to say,
But I won't speak with my mouthful.
I'd like to spit it out,
But I keep my own counsel.

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