sabato 30 gennaio 2010

Spaceman 3 - Playing with the fire (Fire 1989)

Dopo la furia mi immergo nella calda alcova degli Spaceman 3.
Mmh..che bel pratino si son coltivati questi giovani. Ovattano, lubrificano e colorano il fiume che discende nel vortice. Senza fine ed inizio. Sfilano davanti. Eleganti alla dipartita. Ritornano, sotto bolle di leggero pastiche.
La loro musica è un battito cardiaco. Lento, oppiato, ma dritto alla luce.
"Tell me how does it feel ? "

Poi, con una brusca inversione arriva una " Black to Comm" al fulmicotone. Che qui si chiama "Revolution".

Well look out

Well I’m sick
I’m so sick
Of a lot of people
Tryin’ to tell me
What I can and can’t do
With my life

And I’m tired
I’m so tired
Of a lot of people
In a lot of high places
Don’t want you and me
To enjoy ourselves

Well I’m through with people
Who can’t get off their arse
To help themselves change this government
And better this society
‘Cos it’s shit

But hold on a second
I smell burning
And I see a change
Comin’ ‘round the bend
And I suggest to you
That it takes
Just five seconds
Just five seconds
Of decision
To realise
That the time
Is right
To start thinkin’ about
A little…

William Carruthers Guitar (Bass)
Jason Guitar, Vocals, Audio Production
Jason Pierce Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Sonic Boom Guitar, Vocals, Audio Production
Sonic Guitar, Vocals, Producer

1. Honey
2. Come Down Softly To My Soul
3. How Does It Feel?
4. I Believe It
5. Revolution
6. Let Me Down Gently
7. So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)
8. Suicide
9. Lord Can You Hear Me?
10. Suicide (live)
11. Repeater (How Does It Feel?)
12. Chè
13. May The Circle Be Unbroken

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